Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

A corrective massage treatment suitable for any person. This massage uses a more forceful technique to release tension deep within the muscles and the connective tissues. Deep tissue massage is not used for relaxation as it will focus on certain muscle groups that need rebalancing. Deep pressure techniques are used to stretch, loosen and release tight and strained muscle groups.

What causes deep tension?
Repeated movement and strain such as:
• driving and sitting
• gym
• lifting
• immobility for any reason
• arthritis
• post-surgery muscular strains
• post-injury muscular strains

A 30 /60 /90 minute treatment:
– consultation
– deep massage techniques to decided areas

Massage will be applied to one or more of the following areas:
• upper back, neck & shoulders
• hips & lower back
• whole back in general
• calves & Achilles
• knee tendons & ligaments
• hamstrings & quads

A weekly or fortnightly treatment plan can be given. Your therapist will advise you on this.

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